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Royals vs. Indians, Game 100 Game Thread

No debuts of new players just yet.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Royals flashed leather and wood last night in a 2-1 victory. The Indians have decided to schedule games that start in the AM in some time zones. These things are unrelated, sort of. The two franchises are just going in different directions. At least Sal gets a day off.

I keep hearing things about Eric Hosmer heating up. Indeed, he had a cold June (.267/.302/.322, 70 wRC+). I had a cold June. I'm pretty sure I had to wear a jacket. I had a dream about needing to wear a winter coat in July because it snowed in KC. Thankfully, Hosmer is staving off The Day After Tomorrow this month with his .380/.424/.576 line in July, good for a 179 wRC+. That's exactly a 1.000 OPS.

Get some coffee for this one. It's still early.