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Royals get thwomped by Indians 12-1

Guthrie is still pitching.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Riding high on the elation from a very significant trade deadline, the Royals were rudely reminded why they needed to make those deals in the first place. In a morning baseball game, the Royals, the team of "no fear", were crushed into oblivion by the last place team in the AL Central.

The beginning of the game foreshadowed the rest of the game.

Jason Kipnis and Francisco Lindor led off the game with singles. After Jeremy Guthrie got an out, Carlos Santana walked to load the bases. Guthrie later hit Yan Gomes to force in a run. Thankfully, Guthrie got out of the jam without further damage.

The Indians went right back at it in the second inning. Michael Bourn led off the inning by doubling. Tyler Holt hit something back to Guthrie, who went to Moustakas to try to get Bourn out. Bourn was ruled safe on an interference call. I unfortunately can't give more detail than that; I wasn't able to listen to the play. Guthrie then beaned Kipnis, after which I believe warnings were issued (Terry Francona was later ejected after Guthrie hit yet another Indians batter without being ejected). With the bases loaded, once again, Guthrie gave up a sacrifice fly to Lindor. Luckily, Guthrie then picked off Kipnis at first base; the call was upheld on a challenge. Guthrie got out of the inning with giving up only one run. This couldn't last forever.

Guthrie completely unraveled in the sixth inning. Guthrie gave up a home run to Giovanny Urshela, singles to Bourn, Holt, and Kipnis, a homer to Lindor, and a homer to Michael Brantley before he was mercifully removed from the game. It was 8-0 by the time Guthrie was removed for Franklin Morales.

Guthrie is still pitching.

Luke Hochevar came in for the eighth inning and gave up four more runs. Like it mattered. Hochevar gave up a single, a double, another single, and a home run to Gomes. 12-0.

You'll notice I haven't said anything about the Royals offense. That's because Kluber had a perfect game going into the fifth inning, when Eric Hosmer hit a double. However, the Royals wouldn't score until the ninth. After a walk by Kendrys Morales, Hosmer doubled again. Alex Rios grounded out to bring in Morales. Kluber threw a complete game.

The offense stunk. The pitching stunk. This kind of performance shows the extreme behind why the Royals acquired Johnny Cueto and Ben Zobrist.

Guthrie will still be pitching.