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Game 77 Open Thread: Minnesota Twins (42-37) vs. Kansas City Royals (44-32)

Day One in the Dusty Coleman Era.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

The Royals will try to put a halt to a four-game losing streak that has somehow sent some fans into a panic. Its easy to forget this, but the Royals have actually been a very good team this year, and are in first place. Even first place teams go through losing streaks. It wasn't that long ago that this team was actually under .500, just a few months before playing in the World Series. Its a long season, don't get too up, don't get too down.

Are the Royals panicking?

Bet they hit a lot of home runs.

Tommy Milone heads to the hill for the Twins against Jeremy Guthrie in a battle of who can strike out fewer hitters. Among pitchers with at least 50 innings thrown, Guthrie is fourth in fewest strikeouts-per-nine innings, Milone is sixteenth. These two clubs combine for six of the worst sixteen pitchers at strikeouts. But they're the top two teams in the division. Baseball is nutty.