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The latest on Alex Gordon's groin injury

All of Kansas City looks to Alex's groin.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Gordon was carted off the field in Wednesday's 9-7 win over the Rays, with the Royals later revealing it was a groin strain. Here's the latest news on Kansas City's All-Star left fielder.

What exactly happened?

Everyone is anticipating Gordon to miss a significant amount of time.

Manager Ned Yost admitted Gordon could be gone for months, as a severe strain could require Gordon to miss six to eight weeks. The training staff found no injury to Gordon’s knee or ankle. "It’s still going to be awhile," Yost said

What is the worst case scenario?

What's the plan in the meantime?

"We feel like we’ve got good depth," Yost said. "We feel that we can cover it right now with Paulo and Dyson. We feel like we’re in good shape."

The team appeared to take the news hard.

"He’s one of the heart(s) and souls of this team," manager Ned Yost said. "So when something like that happens, it’s a little disturbing to everybody."

Dyson’s voice cracked a few times as he discussed Gordon’s influence on the team. Their fourth victory in a row was bittersweet. "The celebration, it was a little weird without Alex Gordon here," Dyson said. "Knowing he’s hurt, it’s just a devastating injury for us right now."

Here is the video of Ned Yost in the press game conference discussing the injury.

Andy McCullough and Vahe Gregorian discuss the ramifications of the Gordon injury.

Danny Knobler thinks the Royals may respond well to this loss.

As one of those officials was saying just a few days back, their team responds better when it's challenged. Well, now they have a challenge. Now it's not all perfect, with Gordon out for what Royals manager Ned Yost admitted could be months due to a severe groin strain.

Now we'll see them respond.

The Royals will certainly be tested this summer.

Some fans didn't take the news very well.

Alex is certainly missing the All-Star Game.

Pretty hot take, dude.

Get well, Alex.