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Royals Rumblings - News for August 11, 2015

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John Cueto is good at tossin' baseballs.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Royals Rumblings - News for August 11, 2015

Ned was impressed with Johnny Cueto last night.

The package he presented impressed his new manager, Ned Yost. "I like everything about him," Yost said. "I like his competitiveness. The way he goes deep into games. He’s entertaining to watch. He’s got great stuff. He’s a great competitor, and he can execute."

Vahe Gregorian writes that this is how an ace is supposed to look.

"Every time Johnny steps on the mound," manager Ned Yost said, "(the Royals) know they’ve got an outstanding chance of winning that game." So this is what a true No. 1 starter looks like — distinct as that look might be with so many unique flourishes: the flowing dreadlocks and varying paces and placements of deliveries; the whirling away from the plate and shoulder shimmies...

"That’s what your ace does," Hosmer said.

Lee Judge says that fans pumping up players may cost points off their batting average.

When Jeff Francoeur was still with the team, one night he had a big hit to the opposite field. The next afternoon he and I sat on the infield tarp and talked. I pointed out that he could go to the opposite field when he wanted to. Frenchy got a maniacal grin and said:

"Why would I want to hit a single over there (pointing to right field), when I can hit a bomb over there? (Pointing to left.)

The Royals are not concerned about Wade Davis' back tightness.

"He felt much better yesterday," Yost said Monday. "But generally if you start injuring knees and backs, and you come back too soon, it starts altering your mechanics and that can create problems we don't need right now. We've got time. "He just needs to get the stiffness out of there."

Kris Medlen may get a start before this season is over.

Cute baby in a Johnny Cueto dreadlocked cap? Cute baby in a Johnny Cueto dreadlocked cap.

An Omar Infante Royals All-Star jersey is a thing that exists.

The Dodgers are developing a "speed camp" to develop runners to see what speed do.

The Red Sox designate pitcher Justin Masterson for assignment.

These 40 New Era Yankees caps available for sale are just....the...worst.

The internet had fun with Bryce Harper's hair.

Andrea Hangst at Sports on Earth ranks the stability at quarterback for each team.

Ten things we learned from Premier League opening weekend.

Jon Bois analyzes a very nice couple with a very bad business idea on "Shark Tank."

Google is now owned by a company named "Alphabet."

Coca Cola paid for scientists to shift the blame on obesity away from sodas.

Women are now live-tweeting their periods to Donald Trump.

Did "True Detective" end on an unsatisfying note?

Your song of the day is Tina Turner with "Simply the Best."