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Game CXII Thread: The Tigers of Detroit versus the Kansas City Royals

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No Rios. No Infante. Wha' happened?

This is possible?
This is possible?
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

First things first, tonight's Royals' lineup:

No, there are no reports that Ned Yost has been institutionalized. The most logical explanation would be to assume that both Alex Rios and Omar Infante were abducted by aliens and as a result of these involuntary extraterrestrial activities--shying away from rampant speculation as to what they were subject to on the mothership is best for all parties--arrived late to the ballpark today.

One should not make too much of Rios and Infante riding the pine. Expecting aliens to abduct the pair again leading to a second incident in which the cardinal sin of tardiness was a byproduct is simply too improbable.

Enjoy it for the short time it shall last.

Yordano Ventura pitches tonight. Which Ventura it is that shows up tonight is anyone's guess.

These are the Tigers:

The suddenly homer-prone Anibal Sanchez takes the mound for the Tigers.