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Royals vs. Tigers, Game 113 Game Thread

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Edinson Volquez vs. Daniel Norris.

Jason Miller/Getty Images

The floundering Tigers are floundering like Flounder in Animal House. While watching the game last night, I looked at their defensive alignment and felt better about the direction in which my life is going. Then I remembered and discussed with my father the current front office shakeup happening in Detroit. My emotional well-being improved further. Then Lorenzo Cain hit a home run that probably broke a window on I-70. Then I ate dinner. It was a good night.

Further, the Royals are 12 games ahead of the AL Central second place Twins, who at 56-56 have a better record than the Tigers. The White Sox and Indians are nipping at the Tigers' heels.

Of interest tonight is the starter for the Tigers, Daniel Norris. Norris lives out of a van. A 22-year-old lefty, Norris began 2014 in High A and ended the year on the Blue Jays major league roster. Not enough time to get a new van.

Get out yer brooms! Hooray baseball!