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Royals Rumblings - News for August 13, 2015

Its like losses don't even matter anymore.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Royals Rumblings - News for August 13, 2015

Bob Lutz of the Wichita Eagle writes the Royals have been a good team for awhile now.

It’s interesting to see how other teams in MLB have fared since July 23 of last season, especially those who are battling the Royals in the American League Central. Here’s a ranking of the 30 teams from best to worst, including the 2014 postseason.

1. Kansas City Royals 118-71 .624

2. St. Louis Cardinals 110-69 .615

3. Los Angeles Dodgers 102-74 .580

4. Pittsburgh Pirates 99-73 .576

5. Washington Nationals 100-79 .559

Steven Shumansky writes about Mike Moustakas' demotion in the lineup following his recent slump.

When recently asked to discuss his decision to bat Moustakas 2nd in the lineup, Yost was quoted on the KC Royals Web Site explaining, "When we broke Spring Training, we didn’t really have a No. 2 hitter. So we put Moose there and, up until this point, he has been great there — .285 with a .340 on-base. But you can envision Moose being more of a run-producer, especially with the top-of-the-order guys getting on base and him driving them in."

Yost went on to say, "I never envisioned Moose as a No. 2 hitter. He’s a run-producer type of offensive player to me. So when we got Ben, we had him hit there once at No. 2 and it looked good, so we left him there."

Really, Ned? Moustakas is a run-producer. He had a career wRC+ of 83 going into the 2015 season and now an updated mark of 87.

Salvy's MRI came back clean, but he'll miss a few days....unless he sneaks into a few rec games around the metro this week.

John Viril at Kings of Kauffman wonders if the Royals re-sign Ben Zobrist instead of Alex Gordon.

The biggest argument in favor of the Kansas City Royals picking Zobrist over Gordon is that his lower-risk contract might allow Dayton Moore to keep his core together longer than if he made a major financial commitment to Alex Gordon.

The odd thing is, I think the KC Royals are more likely to allow Gordon to leave in free-agency if they succeed in bringing home the 2015 World Series trophy. Winning a title would validate Dayton Moore’s tenure as GM, and David Glass’ era as owner. That would make positioning themselves for a favorable local TV contract in 2019 the franchise’s primary goal.

Dave Cameron looks at the three failures in Brewers General Manager Doug Melvin's tenure, including getting fleeced in the Zack Greinke deal.

The problem is that, while both Escobar and Cain have turned into All-Stars and Odorizzi was used as part of the package that brought James Shields and Wade Davis to Kansas City, the Brewers'€™ deal to send Greinke to the Angels returned Jean Segura, Johnny Hellweg and Ariel Pena. Segura had a couple of good months to start the 2013 season but has been among the worst players in baseball since, while the two pitchers haven't helped the Brewers in any way.

This isn't to say that the Brewers shouldn't have made the Greinke deals; you know that you're probably taking a long-term hit when you make trades like that, with the real possibility that the deal could hurt for a long time if the guys you give up develop. But generally, when you trade away a package of prospects, you expect only one or maybe two to come back to haunt you, and even the one successful one often will be more of a solid piece than a star.

Statcast breaks down Lorenzo Cain's blast and Alcides Escobars throw from Tuesday night.

Even Tigers fans don't seem to think there is much merit to Brad Ausmus's accusations that Johnny Cueto's delivery is illegal.

Minda has pictures of Omaha's game against Louisville.

Jonah Keri looks at Seattle's inability to develop hitting prospects under Jack Zduriencik.

Joe Posnanski writes about real life "Crash Davis" player Mike Hessman breaking the minor league home run record.

The Cardinals are winning by doing "the little things", of course (h/t Jeff Zimmerman).

Would it surprise you that next-generation stadium security technology is not making us any safer?

Blackhawks star Patrick Kane has been pulled from the cover of "NHL '16" after recent rape allegations.

Wisconsin taxpayers will pony up $400 million for a new arena for the NBA's Milwaukee Bucks.

Royals Review is now part-owned by NBC Universal, a subsidiary of Kabletown/Shinehardt Wigs.

Former President Jimmy Carter has been diagnosed with cancer.

The Tinder twitter account melts down over a Vanity Fair article.

The new Super Mario Maker game has a ton of options.

George R.R. Martin says the ending to "Game of Thrones" won't be as depressing as you think.

Your song of the day is Washed Out with "Feel it All Around."