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Shoemaker cobbled up as Royals rout Angels 9-4

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The offensive outburst set the tone early on Mike Sweeney's induction night.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Royals wore the sole out of the Angels' Matt Shoemaker, exploding through the seams for a six-run second on their way to a 9-4 victory Saturday night.

Through the first inning and a half, it looked like it might be a long night for the Royals. Johnny Cueto yielded five hits, including an Albert Pujols home run that gave Los Angeles an early lead.

The Royals hitters, embiggened by Mike Sweeney's effervescence following his induction into the Royals Hall of Fame, took to the second inning with a flame that sparks the fire. Salvador Perez led off the scoring with a mammoth 450-foot home run into the left field fountain. Alex Rios walked, followed by a Paulo Orlando double. Jarrod Dyson then singled in both runners, and proceeded to steal second. Following an unusual Alcides Escobar sacrifice, Ben Zobrist walked. Hosmer then singled to right, scoring Dyson. Kendrys Morales singled to load the bases, and Moustakas grounded out to score Zobrist. Salvador Perez, batting for the second time in the inning, doubled to left, scoring Eric Hosmer.

At that point, Mike Scioscia had seen enough from his starter.

Meanwhile, Johnny Cueto kept maneuvering, finding a combination of pitches, windups, and release points to keep hitters off-balance. after giving up five hits in the first two innings, he yielded just three through the next five. He struck out four and walked none while yielding just the single run.

The Royals added a run in the third and two more in the sixth. The Royals offense was firing on eight of its nine pistons: Zobrist drew three walks, Hosmer went two-for-four with a walk, Orlando doubled twice, as did Moustakas, Perez homered and doubled, and Dyson drove in three and scored twice while stealing two bases. The only Royals player that didn't reach base was Escobar.

Luke Hochevar came on for the ninth and made things more interesting than they appeared throughout a majority of the game. Cron homered to left, and Shane Victorino singled to left. Following a foul out and a strike out, David DeJesus was safe at first on an error by Jarrod Dyson. Perez then doubled to left to score DeJesus before Featherston struck out to end the game.

Tomorrow, the Royals will send Yordano Ventura (7-7, 4.97 ERA) to secure the series victory against Hector Santiago (7-6, 2.87) in a nationally televised game. So, prepare for The Narrative.