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Royals Review Radio - Episode 8: Mike Sweeney was Awesome

The "Mike Sweeney was awesome" Edition.

For some reason, SB Nation continues to allow us to pollute the internet airwaves with our podcasts. Of course, listening at this point is only voluntary, but none the less appreciated. This blog however cannot guarantee that at some point in the future listening will not be mandatory. However this site would assume you would enjoy it (listening to this podcast) regardless.

Previous episodes are here. Episodes are also available on iTunes.

On Episode 8, the gang (Minds Haas, Matthew LaMar, Josh Ward, and Shaun Newkirk) discuss:

Johnny Cueto and Ben Zobrist

Pink dress lady at the game and Marlins Man

Great Moments in Mike Sweeney History

Emil Brown

Greg Holland in the ninth?

Emil Brown, again

Getting blocked by Buster Olney

Dan Szymborski and his Google Alert (@29:00)

David DeJesus: Royals Hall of Fame sleeper

The bad that was Dee Brown

The Royals getting "jobbed" via ESPN

Omar Infante: Why?

Minda Kuhlmann (nee Haas) getting married


Intro: Thursday - Turnpike Divide

Outro: Thrice - Words in the Water