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Sunday Game Thread: Royals at Blue Jays

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The Royals look to leave Canada with a split when Edinson Volquez takes the hill in search of his 11th win.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

The Royals (Volquez) are playing the Blue Jays (Dickey). Mike Moustakas will not play due to resting his hurt knee. There, you know all you need to know. I want to use this space to ask the community of Royals Review if they think there's anything suspicious about the Blue Jays' ridiculous home split for hitting and slugging. I researched the topic for hours last night. Here are a few of my findings:

They've been busted before for stealing signs at home. Just google "Blue Jays cheating"; it's happened several times, actually. What do you think, community of Royals Review? Do you have any way to defend this?

Ryan Lefebrve: "It's almost like they know what's coming."