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Reactions to the Royals-Blue Jays bench-clearing on Sunday

People are mad.

Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports

The Royals and Blue Jays cleared the benches after a chippy Sunday afternoon game that saw Josh Donaldson plunked in the first inning and Alcides Escobar plunked in the eighth in retaliation for Donaldson getting pitched inside all afternoon. After the Escobar plunking, both benches cleared, leading to ejections for Blue Jays manager John Gibbons and coach DeMarlo Hale.

Here are the incidents to set everything off.

Edinson was unapologetic after the game, mocking Josh Donaldson.

"He’s a little baby," Volquez said. "He was crying like a baby."...

"He started looking at me like I was trying to hit him with a fastball," Volquez said. "I told the first-base coach, ‘Hey, that was a changeup. If I want to hit you, I’ll hit you with a fastball. Why would I throw a changeup to hit you?’"

He added, "If I hit him again, he’s supposed to get mad, right? But if the ball’s close to you, trying to pitch inside to you, and it doesn’t hit you, why do you get mad? Why do you get so pissed off?"

Ryan Madson, who hit Troy Tulowitzki in the game, agreed, arguing the Royals were simply trying to move the Blue Jays off the plate.

"They were taking really comfortable at-bats, really big swings," Madson said. "You’ve got to throw in, off the plate, a little bit."...

"For him to get upset, I don’t think he fully understands the game, or he just let his emotions get the best of him," Madson said. "He thought that a warning means you can’t throw inside."

Edinson could be seen from the dugout mocking Josh Donaldson for complaining.

Aaron Sanchez insists the plunking wasn't intentional.

The two teams were pretty chippy all weekend.

Pitcher R.A. Dickey has a future as a sports analyst or armchair psychologist.

Blue Jays Manager John Gibbons was pretty level-headed after the game.

Here is Ned Yost's take on the situation.

Jose Bautista is not signing with the Royals.

The Royals, will of course, be blamed.

Royals fans supported their boys.

An opinion shared by many, was that this would be a great series to re-visit in October....if the Blue Jays can make it that far.