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Community OT: Crowdsourcing random thoughts

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Ask away, reader.

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While a treatise on the pacing problems of Trainwreck or reflection on the deeper meanings of the Nicolas Cage raptureganda star-vehicle Left Behind could just as easily occupy this space on this fine August Friday, the prospect of writing such nonsense for the zero people who would want to read it is not an appetizing one.

Moving to Los Angeles has been a largely fruitless and quiet affair thus far, though the absence of that "work" thing for six weeks has hardly been horrific. Without income, however, the prospect of going out and exploring a new city does not seem especially feasible, as burning through a nest-egg carelessly while waiting on things to materialize is not prudent--though it would surely precipitate a welcome second viewing of Lost in America.

The move has not been without at least one nice development, as the wife won admittance for two to KCRW's Apogee Studios session with Glen Hansard, which took place Wednesday night. The concert and interview were great, as anyone who has ever seen Glen Hansard perform--whether solo, with The Frames, with The Swell Season, or in Once--would assume. This is the second concert we won tickets to this summer--the other being Jason Isbell in Austin--which brings us to the opening question for the discussion:

What is the coolest thing you've ever gotten for free?

Now that one question has been asked, the floor is yours. The only guideline: one question per comment.