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What did Yordano Ventura say on Twitter to Jose Bautista?

We get our translators on the case.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday afternoon the Royals and the Blue Jays competed in the finale of a four games series with heated furor. Unfortunately the Royals lost the game, but it wasn't so much the outcome that sparked the controversy, but the events within. You can read the recap of the game here but the gist being that the batters were beaned, tempers were flared, and benches were cleared.

Men being men (see: too much testosterone) even after the game ended proverbial shots were being fired in a figurative sense through post game comments by the players and managers. As it almost always does in 2015, the internet got involved and players who hadn't said enough vocally took to Twitter to express their feelings from the game.

Blue Jays outfielder (and former brief Royal) Jose Bautista said this:

Our favorite Dominican son Yordano Ventura had this to say directly to Jose:

I'm not a linguist by any means and Twitter united tried translating that tweet with many variations to be found.

Unable to find a consensus translation, and using the playoff money we here at Royals Review have, we have paid several linguist fluent in the many variations of Spanish to translate the above tweet.

Though a meaning cannot be found between us writers, we leave it up to you fine readers to make sense of what #Yo had to say.

That is one version of the quote, sourced through Twitter. However Twitter now has their own translation feature, but sometimes it can be very inaccurate and give different results. Below are such results.

Then Yordano finally turned to existentialism and philosophy...