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Off-day Monday OT: To baseball, or not to baseball

Talk about stuff here.

Be afeared.
Be afeared.
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

As the Royals get the rare night off in this packed second-half schedule, let's take a look around at what the rest of baseball is doing tonight.

If you would like to take a trip down memory lane, the Marlins and Braves are both pretty bad, sitting 27 and 22 games under .500 respectively. Why not watch two awful teams and look back wistfully at the Aughts with a twinkle in your eye?

Also starting in the seven o'clock hour on the east coast, are the Blue Jays, who go for their 22nd win of the month tonight with David Price on the mound. If attempting to manage stress and wanting to avoid watching the behemoth Jays, Chris Archer and the Rays travel from Russia to Baltimore. That, or you could watch the game that SportsCenter will devote its entire broadcast to regardless of its worthiness, the Yankees at the Red Sox with Ivan Nova and Eduardo Rodriguez tossing balls. Last but not least in early starters, Bartolo Colon will bat at least a couple times as the Mets play host to the Philadelphia Phillies.

In the middle west, the Reds visit the Cubs. With Michael Lorenzen and Kyle Hendricks pitching, many runs could score and a handful of dongs could be hung. The Cardinals play host to the Nationals, but no one needs to watch that game unless Bryce Harper is batting. The Mariners head to Houston to face Dallas Keuchel and the Astros if you felt the need to scout the competition holding down the fort in the AL West.

With a dumb mountain-time start of 6:40 MT (adjust accordingly), the D-backs and Rockies play each other in a game no one should watch.

If your parents will let you stay up to watch the late West Coast games, the Giants and Dodgers will lock swords tonight with Jake Peavy and Brett Anderson dueling for NL West supremacy at Chavez Ravine. Get some Vin in your life. Or you could slum it with the Angels/A's or Rangers/Padres games.

Or give yourself the night off from stuffing it with baseball. Watch some scripted television in the hope that your viewing habits will create new jobs for desperate people in Los Angeles.

Whatever you do, as long as you're not incriminating yourself, talk about it here.