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Game CV Thread: The Royals of Kansas City versus the Tigers of Detroit

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The Duffman squares off against Kate Upton's boyfriend.

Duffman says a lot of things.
Duffman says a lot of things.
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In a tilt that early in the season seemed a certain pairing between the teams likely to be duking it out for AL Central supremacy, the Royals travel to Detroit to play the third-place Tigers, who trail the Royals by 11.5 games entering tonight's game.

The Royals send Danny Duffy to the mound to attempt to take care of the Tigers' potent offense. Detroit's position players have been 0.5 fWAR less valuable than the Kansas City's. Of course where that value is coming from for each time is drastically different. The Royals' offense is roughly league average with their defense carrying them. The Tigers' defense is roughly league average with their bats carrying them.

Duffy has suffered through what has mostly been a disappointing 2015 campaign, though there have been recent glimmers of hope. The same can be said for his Detroit counterpart, Justin Verlander.

The lineups are as follows: