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Royals vs. Tigers, Game 105 Game Thread

The post-Dombrowski era begins/continues.

That's a million dollar smile.
That's a million dollar smile.
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Fun fact - Ben Zobrist has 0.3 fWAR in all of five games with the Royals. That's on pace for 9.7 fWAR per 162 games. Zobrist has been nothing short of an MVP while with this team. Omar Infante has -0.4 fWAR over 99 games. That's on pace for bad per all the games. Infante was barely short of an All-Star Game appearance.

Fun fact 2 - Aside from Zobrist, Lorenzo Cain has the highest ISO and slugging percentage on the Royals. Lorenzo Cain: slugger. He is hitting the ball really hard in the air. His production on fly balls is far better than MLB average. Currently, Cain has more power than Salvador Perez and Alex Gordon and Kendrys Morales and all the other players.

Fun fact 3 - Cain's career BABIP is .346 over 1,765 plate appearances. The dude knows what to do to make a ball in play a hit.

Fun fact 4 - Cain's fWAR so far this year is almost identical to his fWAR last year, but he has 106 fewer plate appearances this year.

Fun fact 5 - Lorenzo Cain has an adorable smile and is awesome.

Fun (fact) 6 - Lorenzo Cain is really good at juggling.

Fun (fact) 7 - Cain once played Cain in Children of Eden the musical. He didn't kill Abel. No one minded.

Johnny Cueto gets his second start with the team tonight.