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Cueto Day 2.0: A Royals Review rendezvous at Kauffman Stadium

Hopefully you've got your tickets for August 10th, because we're invading Kauffman Stadium.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to everyone who came out to our last Royals Review meet-up at Kelly's for Cueto Day. It was a lot of fun, and it was good to meet some of you for the first time.. From _yallah_ and the Minx (note to self: contact relevant parties about a fempunk synth-ska band called Yallah and the Minx) to ol' PJ and Jimmy Two Toes and mumbly Joe and that other guy. Averagegatsby was there, as was cody.mcelroy and kd_in_kc, and the wolfman with some numbers at the end. And also thanks to Twitterers Michael Engel, Marissa, and Principal Belden. You should follow them. I'm probably missing someone. Oh, and Matt Lamar was there. Turns out he's pretty cool. Right, and Dave, who apparently doesn't comment, but has Gaetti in his name, but his real name is Dave. Sorry if I missed you.

Obviously, the evening ended in bittersweet notes, as the Royals lost to the Blue Jays under mysterious circumstances.

But after all the fun we've shared, why not do it again? Further still, how could we resist attending Johnny Cueto's first start at Kauffman Stadium as a member of the Angeles Azul?

If you're interested in coming, go ahead and snag yourself a cheap view level seat and meet us at Craft & Draft in the left field Loge Level. The game starts at 7:00 and will be broadcast on ESPN, if you needed another reason to avoid the televised edition. It's also going to be a rematch of Johnny Cueto and Matt Avoid the Boyd, and who wouldn't want to see that a second time, right?