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Royals Rumblings - News for September 1, 2015

Today is the day rosters, like my waistline, can expand.

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Royals Rumblings - News for September 1, 2015

Sam Mellinger says Alex Gordon will return this week to a better team than he left.

Without Gordon, the Royals are 31-17 for a .646 winning percentage. They lead the Twins by 13 games in the division, and entered the off day leading the Blue Jays by six games for home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. Resiliency has long been this group’s defining characteristic, so maybe the last 54 days serve only as the latest example.

The Royals are a different team now than when Gordon was injured. Most obviously, of course, they traded for Johnny Cueto and Ben Zobrist. Jeremy Guthrie is out of the rotation, and Omar Infante is out of the starting lineup. Greg Holland’s effectiveness has replaced Gordon’s absence as the Royals’ most pressing first-world problem. But it’s interesting that without Gordon they have performed, overall, almost exactly the same as they did with him.

Vahe Gregorian writes that catcher Drew Butera hopes to follow his father's footsteps by becoming a World Champion.

For instance, consider what he thinks when people tell him it must stink to sit behind stars like Joe Mauer in Minnesota or Perez here. "But I look at it in a different way," he said. "I get an opportunity to watch the game’s best and to learn from them and pick things up from them and to help my career and to also help the team."

Moreover, even if he can’t remember that 1987 game seven or the parade, he’s most driven by what came with it for his father: a championship ring. "Whenever we get into something competitive, he just holds up his hand and shows the World Series ring. So for me, that’s what I want."

John Viril at Kings of Kauffman doesn't think the Royals will call up a ton of players in September.

Flanagan also believes that this approach will leave AAA outfielders Jose Martinez (.383/.455/.567) and Brett Eibner (.308/.366/.566) out of luck, despite strong 2015 seasons in Omaha. That might be the implication of Yost’s "too many bodies" comment, since the KC Royals will have six outfielders on the roster when Alex Gordon returns Tuesday. Add Gore and you have seven outfielders. I hope this is not the case, simply because I’d love to see Martinez get some major-league at bats to get an indication if 2015 is a real breakthrough for him, or if he’s just another AAAA player who put up a big year in his late twenties.

Lee Judge explains why Kendrys Morales didn't run to first base on Sunday on his apparent foul ball.

This E:60 report on Jonny Gomes and the time he DIED is incredible. Here is the article on his five brushes with death.

The Royals' fantastic season means a lot to Tim Grimes, diagnosed with cancer last year and given months to live.

Former Indians General Manager Mark Shapiro is named President of the Blue Jays.

Blue Jays General Manager Alex Anthropoulous accuses infielder Steve Tolleson of quitting on the team.

Jake Arrieta's no-hitter puts the Cubs pitching staff in the spotlight.

An appellate court sides with MLB in a minimum wage lawsuit for employees at a MLB FanFest.

The Tom Brady sketch artist totally redeems herself.

RG III gets benched for Kirk Cousins in Washington.

Here's your wrap-up of transfer deadline day news for soccer clubs in Europe.

Amazon is testing farmers market produce delivery.

Which cities hate tourists the most?

SpongeBob SquarePants is coming to Broadway!

The NFL is not going to like Will Smith's upcoming movie.

RIP horror movie master Wes Craven.

OTTER CAM! (h/t charlie lau)

Your song of the day is Mase with "Welcome Back."