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Royals set franchise attendance record

You guys sure do like baseball.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday night against the Twins the Royals broke the franchise record of 2,477,700 fans set back in 1989. The club still has six home dates remaining. They are currently averaging 33,426 fans per game, fourth-best in the American League and ninth-best in baseball. The Royals have not finished in the top five in American League attendance since 1988. On their current pace, they would draw 2,707,506 fans for the season.

The Royals have had nineteen sell-outs this year, a franchise record. They have not drawn fewer than 20,000 fans in a single home game and have had just seven games with fewer than 25,000 fans. The Royals have outdrawn larger markets for successful teams like the Nationals, Blue Jays, Mets, Rangers, and Astros. The attendance bump marks a 38% increase over last year's attendance, and this is just the twelfth season in franchise history the team has drawn 2 million fans.

To celebrate breaking the franchise attendance record, the club rewarded the 2,477,701st fan, Tony Tucker of Blue Springs. Tucker and his family were treated with ticket upgrades, a framed certificate and a jersey that bore the new attendance record number on the back and autographs from the 2015 Royals team.