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Royals Review Radio Episode 9- We don't have chickenpox anymore!

According to the CDC, in the early 1990s on average 100 to 150 people died annually from the chickenpox. Thanks to medical breakthroughs and science, chickenpox now has a vaccine against it. The mortality rate is now down to less than 5 on average.

In this podcast there are fortunately no deaths. However, we also don't provide any scientific breakthroughs. We do guarantee though that listening to this podcast though will not give you chickenpox. Mainly because there have been no reported cases of diseases being transmitted through computer/phone/tablet speakers ever.* Also as mentioned earlier there is a vaccine against chickenpox. You should look into getting vaccines...or don't...we don't care. You can make your own decisions. You probably are a grown up. If you aren't then don't listen to this podcast as it is decidedly intended for adults (we do not record the podcast naked however).

* citation needed

In this edition, the gang discusses a variety of subjects that include:

Brandon Finnegan, BMI, and getting screwed
2015 Chickenpox Epidemic: Have you ever had them?
Are the Royals anti-vaccine?
Miguel Almonte's possible outcome
The four-game losing streak: to panic, or not to panic?
Josh Staumont and his very fast ball(s)
John Lamb: good guy, like his dad
Vicente Padilla and his peccary disease
Not wanting to maybe play the Blue Jays
Game 1 starter?
September callups and their contract implications
Shaun asks himself questions
Arizona Fall League
Zobrist/Gordon 1&2: Heavenly
Alex Rios is similar to Bryce Harper


Misery Signals - Homecoming (Intro)
Migos - Versace (Outro)