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Friday Night Thread: Royals at Orioles

Remember last October? Yeah, that was fun.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

One of my favorite hobbies on SB Nation is patrolling the sites of opposing teams. It's fun to read through the game threads and see what their fans are saying about the Royals.

I've yet to find a team that despises Kansas City more than the Baltimore Orioles. Hey, after the ass-kicking that took place last October, it's understandable. But they consider the Royals to be the luckiest, flukiest team in baseball history. Eric Hosmer has a "stupid face" (though I'm sure most Kansas City women would disagree), Royals fans are horrible people who deserve terminal and chronic misery, and Ned Yost is still, somehow, massively inferior to Buck Showalter.

In any event, tonight, the Royals and Orioles will take the field at Camden Yards for the first time since game two of last season's ALCS. Including playoffs, Kansas City has won five of its last six contests in Baltimore, and 10 of the last 12 games overall.

Here's the lineup for tonight: