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Football writer Jason La Canfora unloads on the Royals

The Baltimore native is not a Royals fan.

Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

The Royals and Orioles have had a testy rivalry since last October when Kansas City swept the American League East champions in the League Championship Series. Since then the Royals have gone onto have another dream season, while a recent slump has ended Baltimore's hopes of contention. The tensions remain, however, especially after Baltimore's ten-run eighth inning on Friday night.

During the offensive onslaught, Royals reliever Franklin Morales plunked Orioles slugger Chris Davis. Davis reacted angrily, perhaps because he has been hit three times in his last eight games. Morales, however, quickly signaled that the pitch was not intentional. Orioles manager Buck Showalter disagreed, getting ejected in a tirade with the umpires.

Orioles fans also seemed to disagree, led by NFL writer Jason La Canfora. La Canfora, a Baltimore native and contributor for CBS Sports, had some choice words for the Royals on Twitter.

"Frauds" that have won 16 more games than the Orioles this year. To quote Ryan Lefebvre, what does that make the Orioles?

La Canfora then got specific about the Royals he disliked the most.

Ventura, sure. Hosmer, okay, I guess he can be cocky on the bases. Moustakas? The puppy-owning All-Star with an ailing mother? What on earth did he do?

La Canfora then resorted to calling for Royals players to get hurt.

Wait, I thought that was bush league?

The sore feelings continued into Saturday's game.

Ventura then hit Manny Machado to load the bases for Chris Davis in a two-run game, an obviously unintentional plunking. But not to La Canfora.

He continued his calls for the Royals to get hit.

Jason might be better off sticking to football. At least he'll have more time to dedicate to that sport this October without any Orioles games to distract him.