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Game CXLIV Thread: The Royals of Kansas City versus the Racists of Cleveland

Kris Medlen goes against Josh Tomlin.

Something is on fire in Cleveland. Probably a dumpster. Maybe the Cuyahoga.
Something is on fire in Cleveland. Probably a dumpster. Maybe the Cuyahoga.
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Royals will try to stop the hemorrhaging tonight in Cleveland. For the last ten games, they have been a dumpster fire. Starting rotation? Bullpen? Defense? All are enjoying a synchronous, harmonious implosion, coalescing into a symphony of disaster.

Kris Medlen will try to right both his and the Royals' ships. Thus far, otherwise strong starts have been undone with a pitch or two left up and over the plate. Home runs allowed at an above-average rate has his ERA sitting at 4.58, where his xFIP (3.80) and SIERA (3.66) are both significantly lower.

These are tonight's Royals:

They will face Josh Tomlin and these players, who will play a game with a racist caricature adorning their sleeves and hats (at least in this photo, but they're totally phasing it out).

Haligonians will have to stay up late tonight to watch their future team, as it appears the citizens of Cleveland threw a fit at having to turn off the local news to watch games from home. Nova Scotians are said to be fashioning homemade apparel donning multiple variations on a Highlander theme while listening to "Princes of the Universe" on repeat.

Meanwhile, the voice of Randy Newman can be heard emanating out of one of the clubhouses at the Jake, though which clubhouse is piping it out is unclear.