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Royals vs. Indians, Game 145 Game Thread

Medlen & The Pen is a great show.

There's something magnetic.
There's something magnetic.
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Nice to see a shutout, eh? Despite not striking anyone out, Medlen allowed only five hits and zero runs last night. Medlen sure had trouble throwing strikes though; at 55 percent strikes, Medlen was below league average last night. League average is something above 60 percent. He also struggled getting a first-pitch strike with only 9 first-pitch strikes against 25 batters.

The Blue Jays are getting very close to the Royals in terms of best record in the AL, but some have said that home-field advantage isn't a huge thing to worry about. Just win the division. The Royals are still in a good spot for that.

Tonight, the Dannys Duffy and Salazar battle it out. Duffy has had a weird season, but Salazar is doing quite well. For what it's worth, Duffy has generated weaker contact since the All-Star Break (34.5 percent hard contact vs. 26.3 percent hard contact). Duffy's peripherals don't show much change (FIP and xFIP are similar in both halves), but his 3.66 second-half ERA is a run better than his second-half ERA (4.65).