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Ashe Russell among those assigned to Royals instructional league

Minor leaguers will get some more work in Arizona.

Ed Zurga/Getty Images

The Royals announced their rosters for the Arizona instructional league, and among the players assigned is 2015 first-round pick Ashe Russell. Russell, a right-handed pitcher selected 21st overall last June out of high school, had mixed results in his first professional season with a 4.21 ERA in 36.1 innings for Rookie League Burlington, with 24 strikeouts and 13 walks.

Joining Russell will be 2015 sandwich round pick Nolan Watson, who was also his teammate in Burlington. Other 2015 draft picks include pitchers Garrett Davila, Andre Davis, Alex Luna, infielder Travis Maezes, and outfielders Roman Collins and Cody Jones. Other top prospects like catcher Chase Vallot, shortstop Martin Gasparini, infielder D.J. Burt, and outfielder Amalani Fukofuka will also join the squad.

The Royals will also field an advanced instructional league team which will include 2015 second-round pick Josh Staumont. The right-handed Staumont had a terrific year for Idaho Falls with a 3.16 ERA and 51 strikeouts in 31.1 innings. Staumont is joined by fellow 2015 draftee outfielder Anderson Miller as well as more advanced Royals farmhands like pitcher Erik Skoglund, catchers Cam Gallagher and Xavier Fernandez, first baseman Ryan O'Hearn, shortstop Orlando Calixte, third baseman Hunter Dozier, and outfielders Elier Hernandez and Jorge Bonifacio.

The Arizona Instructional League is not to be confused with the Arizona Fall League, which is typically for advanced minor leaguers. The Arizona Instructional League runs from the last week of September until mid-October.

Royals Instructional League team
Pitchers DOB 2015 Team
Bayliss, Brian 8/4/1994 Idaho Falls
Close, Alex 3/19/1993 AZL
Cramer, Gabriel 11/1/1994 AZL, Burlington
Davila, Garrett 1/17/1997 DNP
Davis, Andre 9/29/1993 Burlington
Hernandez, Arnaldo 2/9/1996 AZL, Idaho Falls
Kimber, Eric 8/25/1992 AZL
Luna, Alex 2/11/1993 Burlington
Markus, Joey 5/29/1996 Burlington
McCoy, Mark 4/30/1994 AZL, Burlington
Pena, Yimaury 10/15/1993 AZL
Pinto, Julio 11/18/1995 Burlington, Idaho Falls
Rodriguez, Jorge 7/30/1996 AZL
Russell, Ashe 8/28/1996 Burlington
Terrero, Franco 5/20/1995 AZL
Watson, Nolan 1/25/1997 Burlington
Way, Cole 10/23/1991 Burlington
Zajac, Brandon 11/19/1992 AZL
Catchers DOB 2015 Team
Dini, Nicholas 7/27/1993 Idaho Falls
Rivero, Sebastian 11/16/1998 New Signee
Vallot, Chase 8/21/1996 Lexington
Viloria, Meibrys 12/15/1997 Burlington
Infielders DOB 2015 Team
Burt, DJ 10/13/1995 Idaho Falls
Cancel, Gabriel 12/8/1996 AZL
Dulin, Brandon 12/29/1992 Burlington, Idaho Falls
Frabasilio, Colton 4/18/1993 Burlington
Gasparini, Marten 5/24/1997 Idaho Falls
Guzman, Jeison 10/8/1998 New Signee
Maezes, Travis 12/10/1993 DNP
McCray, Jonathan 1/8/1995 AZL
Olloque, Manny 5/11/1996 AZL
Outfielders DOB 2015 Team
Collins, Roman 6/17/1994 Idaho Falls
Fukofuka, Amalani 9/25/1995 Idaho Falls
Johnson, Ben 5/4/1994 Burlington
Jones, Cody 5/25/1993 Idaho Falls
Martin, Rudy 1/31/1996 AZL
Melo, Yeison 7/30/1995 AZL
Vasquez, Christhian 9/11/1996 AZL

Royals Advanced Instructional League team
Pitchers DOB 2015 Team
Alvarez, Matt 1/1/1991 Wilmington
Beal, Evan 8/2/1993 Lexington, Wilmington
Bodner, Jacob 1/31/1993 Burlington, Idaho Falls
Cordero, Estarlin 3/3/1993 Wilmington
Deshazier, Torey 9/16/1993 Lexington, Wilmington
Fernandez, Pedro 5/25/1994 Lexington, Wilmington
Goudeau, Ashton 7/23/1992 Lexington, Wilmington
Henry, Brennan 10/23/1991 Idaho Falls, Lexington
Marte, Yunior 2/2/1995 Lexington
Ray, Corey 12/15/1992 Lexington
Skoglund, Eric 10/26/1992 Wilmington
Staumont, Josh 12/21/1993 Idaho Falls
Stout, Eric 3/27/1993 Lexington, NW Arkansas
Tenuta, Matt 12/16/1993 Burlington, Lexington
Catchers DOB 2015 Team
Fernandez, Xavier 7/15/1995 Burlington, Idaho Falls
Gallagher, Cam 12/6/1992 Wilmington
Johnson, Chad 5/31/1994 Lexington
Morin, Parker 7/2/1991 NW Arkansas
Infielders DOB 2015 Team
Arteaga, Humberto 1/23/1994 Lexington, Wilmington
Bailey, Austin 7/3/1992 Burlington, Lexington
Calixte, Orlando 2/3/1992 Omaha, Kansas City
Dozier, Hunter 8/22/1991 NW Arkansas
Duenez, Samir 6/11/1996 Lexington
Franco, Wander 12/13/1994 Lexington
Garcia, Carlos 3/18/1992 Lexington, Wilmington
O’Hearn, Ryan 7/26/1993 Lexington, Wilmington
Outfielders DOB 2015 Team
Bonifacio, Jorge 6/4/1993 NW Arkansas
Downes, Brandon 9/29/1992 Lexington, Wilmington
Escalera, Alfredo 2/17/1995 Lexington, Wilmington
Hernandez, Elier 11/21/1994 Lexington, Wilmington
Miller, Anderson 5/6/1994 Burlington, Lexington