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Danny Duffy to the bullpen, Jeremy Guthrie back in the rotation

Not gnar, braj. Not gnar.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Ned Yost announced today that Danny Duffy has been sent to the bullpen and Jeremy Guthrie will re-join the rotation to take his spot, according to reporter Jeffrey Flanagan. Duffy has a 4.35 ERA in 24 starts this year but has failed to pitch into the sixth inning in five of his last six starts. Duffy lasted just 2.2 innings last night against Cleveland, taking 69 pitches and giving up four earned runs. Duffy's performance wasn't terrible however, and he has a 3.66 ERA since the start of July. Duffy has performed well out of the bullpen before with a 2.16 ERA in 8.1 relief innings in his career coming last year.

Jeremy Guthrie was pulled from the rotation after his August 19 start with a 5.65 ERA. In five relief appearances he has a 4.70 ERA, although five runs came in his September 4 outing against the White Sox. Overall this year, Guthrie is 8-7 with a 5.55 ERA in 144.1 innings.

Duffy moved to the bullpen last post-season, although it was later revealed he was concealing a rib injury. There is no indication Duffy is suffering from an injury this time around, but pulling from the rotation after one tough start is a bit unusual. The Royals do gain another lefty in the bullpen, which has struggled lately and could use some extra depth.