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Community OT: Pop rocks

Where you ask the questions and answer them.

He's diving into a church?
He's diving into a church?
Handout/Getty Images

Another Friday is upon us. The work week for you traditionally scheduled laborers is coming to an end. The clock is ticking down to when you can crack your first of three days of back-to-back-to-back beers while looking forward to retirement despite the fact that you are not even remotely prepared for such freedom.

For the open thread this week, we will go back to crowd-sourcing this thing.

No baseball talk. Let us get off. Topic. Music. Film. Television. History. Real life shit. Go wherever you want. This is your show; we're just coming along for the ride.

General guidelines are as follows:

  • Ask any question you would like to pose to the community.
  • One question per original comment so as to avoid unwieldy follow-ups.
  • Since there has been so much political nonsense in the last week's Rumblings, it would be best to avoid the subject here.
So commentariat, what questions do you have of one another?