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Royals vs. Tigers, Game 132 GameThread

Let's throw fire!

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Oh how the mighty have fallen. At 61-70, the Tigers sit in last place in the AL Central. They traded away Yoenis Cespedes and David Price. They also had a strange front office kerfuffle when they "allowed" Dave Dombrowski to leave "to pursue other opportunities" / promoted Al Avila to GM before "firing" Dombrowski. It's kind of a confusing mess from the view of an outsider who hasn't read much about the whole thing.

Randy Wolf faces Yordano Ventura. Randy. Wolf. Wolf just turned 39 and hasn't pitched very well since 2011, except his two starts with the Tigers this year have been pretty good. Seven innings each.

On the flip side, Ventura has had four pretty good starts in a row (in terms of runs given up). Ventura has been a lot better in the "second half" of the season. That's good!

The Royals are clearly intimidated, as they start Jonny Gomes, Paulo Orlando, and Cheslor Cuthbert tonight. Salvador Perez is still catching.