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"30 for 30 Shorts: The Pittsburgh Drug Trials"

It was a scandal that rocked baseball and the Royals.

In the 1980s, America had a major cocaine problem, and Major League Baseball appeared to be no exception. In 1985, baseball fans were stunned by some of the revelations revealed in grand jury testimony from some of baseball biggest stars like Keith Hernandez, Tim Raines, and Dave Parker. Several Royals players were involved in the trials including former players like Willie Aikens and Vida Blue, and starting left-fielder for the 1985 World Champion Royals, Lonnie Smith.

Smith would be one of eleven players suspended for admitting to drug use, although those suspensions would be lifted if certain conditions were met. Aikens would continue to struggle with drug abuse and would be convicted in 1994 for selling crack cocaine spending 14 years in prison until his release in 2008.