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Royals vs. Mariners, Game 151 Game Thread

Guthrie is still (pitching).

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Nah. Not really. Yordano Ventura pitches tonight. Brandon Finnegan also pitches tonight in his second start with the Reds. He gave up one run over five innings last time out.

With a 4.06 ERA / 4.25 FIP / 4.25 xFIP, Roenis Elias is slightly below average. The Royals offense has a chance to score several runs, or even a few runs. Certainly more than a couple runs.

This is the lineup that the Royals will feature in the playoffs. 1-6 is pretty darn good.

The Royals need a win. For maintaining their AL-best record. For Grass Creek. For great justice. For cookies, smoothies, brownies, chips, and other assorted snacks. Let's throw fire.