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Friday Night Thread: Indians at Royals

The American League Central championship is clinched. What now?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

24 hours ago, Kansas City clinched its first division title in 30 years. Champagne was sprayed, partying ensued, and pandemonium took place.

Tonight may as well be titled "The Hangover Game."

Seven of the Royals' nine starters from last night are out of the lineup for Friday's opener against the Indians. Ned Yost said that he feels they deserve a day off after clinching the division yesterday, and that they'll all be back in on Saturday.

However, the regular season and the remaining 10 games in it still hold a lot of value for the Royals. Toronto trails Kansas City by two games for homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. And hey, last week, the team's A-lineup scored just one run against Carlos Carrasco, so maybe the reserves will provide a spark plug.

Here is the lineup card. It is not pretty:

Yesterday is a thing of the past. Tonight, the Royals will raise the 2015 American League Central champions flag just minutes before pursuit of win #90 begins.