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OT Friday: Inexplicable magnetism and Hot Pockets

Five questions and some boners.

This isn't about this.
This isn't about this.
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Kickin' it old school. Why not answer yourself some questions today?

1. It's official: Netflix announced that it has commissioned 12 new episodes of Black Mirror today. With digital platforms allowing for easier access to programming created abroad, what is the last non-American show that got its hooks in you?

2. The wife started work in the kitchen of a high-end ice cream place that just got in a shipment of crickets, termites, and ants for a brittle that will be incorporated into a variety. What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

3. When I was a teenager and my parents were away, they were always sure to leave a ton of Hot Pockets for me to heat to my liking. Today, I would never entertain the notion of putting a Hot Pocket into my body. What food cut the mustard for you as a youth that you would never deign to eat as an adult?

4. On the flip side of that discussion, there were tons of things I would not eat growing up that I've since grown to love. The list is alarmingly long. It didn't take much time for me to go from being someone with a narrow palate to someone who would basically try anything to eat. Pre-teen OMD would never have believed that OMD would like a pizza with clams on it or that he would press to no avail to get his wife to order fucking calamari. What aspect of the adult version of you would your younger self be shocked to discover?

5. I recently watched The Double, Richard Ayoade's second feature as a director. Based on Fyodor Dostoevsky's second novel, it was surprisingly funny given the author being adapted, and Ayoade's vision for the world being created was self-assured and revelatory. Ayoade--who directed Submarine, co-starred in The IT Crowd, and partnered with John Oliver as an undergrad--is someone for whom I have a special place in my heart for reasons that are not entirely clear to me. It probably dates back to my love for what he does in Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, but there is probably no reason for me to look back to this scene and still laugh at what Ayoade is doing when there is so much other insanity going on here:

What person do you find yourself gravitating toward over and over again for reasons that are not entirely within your grasp?

Boner #1: Football or soccer?

Boner #2: LA or New York?