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Game 155 Open Thread: Cleveland Indians (77-76) vs. Kansas City Royals (89-65)

Somewhere, in an alternate universe, Ned Yost is being lambasted for driving his players into the ground.

Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Its pretty clear Ned Yost values home field advantage as being a secondary goal behind resting his players to make sure they are ready for the post-season. The Royals are now tied with the Blue Jays for home field advantage, with the Blue Jays owning the tie-breaker. Of course, home field advantage only matters if both the Royals and Blue Jays make the ALCS.

The Royals will likely have problems with Indians starter Danny Salazar no matter who hits. Salazar is seventh in the league in strikeouts and has won two of the three starts he has had against the Royals this year.

Chris Young makes the start for the Royals in place of Jeremy Guthrie. Young may be auditioning for a spot on the post-season roster now with Greg Holland out.

Today is the home season finale - in the regular season. See you at the K October 8.