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Royals vs. White Sox, Game 158 Game Thread

Now behind in home-field advantage, the Royals need to take some wins if they want it back.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Lorenzo Cain is 7th in overall fWAR. He's been worth more than perennial MVP candidate Andrew McCutchen by this statistic. fWAR doesn't like Cutch's defense, so that brings his value down. Nevertheless, the only AL position players ahead of Cain are Mike Trout and Josh Donaldson. Cain will get little MVP consideration. Cain should be in the discussion.

Perusing a little more the Royals fWAR leaderboard, the first five players by fWAR all have above average offensive numbers (by wRC+). That's cool. That wasn't the case last year or the year before.

The Royals face Jose Quintana tonight. The guy has been toiling away in seeming anonymity for such a time that there are many mentions of him being overrated over time. If people keep talking about him being underrated, is he really underrated anymore? He's good.

Edinson Volquez takes the hill for the Royals. Lineups from an odd angle: