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Here's how to register for Royals post-season tickets

Get ready to sell a kidney.

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The Royals look like a virtual certainty to reach the post-season for a second consecutive season, meaning you have the chance to attend October baseball games. Remember all the thrills and excitement of last year's post-season? Yea, there's pretty much no way they can top that. But you can still attend! And for even higher prices!

If you are a season-ticket holder, you will get first shot at post-season tickets, although the post-season seats won't necessarily be near your regular seats. Here are the Royals policies and pricing guides for season ticket-holders. According to the Royals:

The specific location and number of seats available for purchase depend on a number of factors, including the size of Season Ticket Plan (i.e. Premium, Full Season, Half Season or 20-Game Plan), Season Ticket Account longevity (i.e. the number continuous years a Season Ticket Member has maintained their Royals Season Ticket account in good standing), the number of seats held in a Season Ticket Plan, and the seating category held in a Season Ticket Plan.

If you're not a season ticket holder, you have other options. The secondary market is already listing tickets on sites like Stubhub, TiqIQ, and VividSeats, with prices starting in the $200 range.

Too rich for your blood? You can also try and register for post-season tickets through the Royals lottery system. Just register at to enter your name for a chance to purchase tickets at face value.

Fans only need to register once to be considered for a potential Wild Card game and each potential postseason series. Fans will be notified through the registered email address, if they have been selected for the opportunity to purchase tickets, 48 hours in advance of tickets going on-sale for each potential series. Selected registrants will have the choice of purchasing two tickets for each game throughout that series, pending availability. Those who are not selected will also be notified before each series. If fans purchase tickets for a game that is not played, they will be refunded their money, including the convenience fee.

Registration for the ALDS runs through September 24 with winners notified around September 29. Best of luck and if you don't get tickets, don't fret because its ALWAYS OCTOBER.