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Royals release 2016 schedule

For the season opener, meet the Mets, greet the Mets.....

Ed Zurga/Getty Images

The Royals announced their 2016 schedule, and as rumored, they begin the season for the first time with interleague play, opening up at home against the New York Mets for a two-game series. The team will return the favor, traveling to CitiField in New York in June. Other interleague road trips will include visits to Philadelphia and Miami, as well as their traditional home-and-home series with the Cardinals. The Royals will host the Cardinals June 27-28, while traveling across the state on June 29-30. The Royals will also host the Washington Nationals and Atlanta Braves in interleague play.

The Royals have 13 of 16 games at home around the All-Star break. Their longest road trip takes place in early June, a ten-game trip that takes them to Cleveland, Baltimore, and Chicago. They follow that up with 12 of 14 games at home. The Royals end the season with 24 of their last 28 games against Central Division foes, ending the season with a six game homestand against the Twins and Indians.

Here is the complete schedule with game times yet to be determined.

4-Apr vs. Mets
6-Apr vs. Mets
8-Apr vs.Twins
9-Apr vs.Twins
10-Apr vs.Twins
11-Apr at Astros
12-Apr at Astros
13-Apr at Astros
14-Apr at Astros
15-Apr at Athletics
16-Apr at Athletics
17-Apr at Athletics
19-Apr vs.Tigers
20-Apr vs.Tigers
21-Apr vs.Tigers
22-Apr vs.Orioles
23-Apr vs.Orioles
24-Apr vs.Orioles
25-Apr at Angels
26-Apr at Angels
27-Apr at Angels
29-Apr at Mariners
30-Apr at Mariners
1-May at Mariners
2-May vs.Nationals
3-May vs.Nationals
4-May vs.Nationals
6-May at Indians
7-May at Indians
8-May at Indians
9-May at Yankees
10-May at Yankees
11-May at Yankees
12-May at Yankees
13-May vs.Braves
14-May vs.Braves
15-May vs.Braves
16-May vs. Red Sox
17-May vs. Red Sox
18-May vs. Red Sox
20-May at White Sox
21-May at White Sox
22-May at White Sox
23-May at Twins
24-May at Twins
25-May at Twins
26-May vs.White Sox
27-May vs.White Sox
28-May vs.White Sox
29-May vs.White Sox
30-May vs.Rays
31-May vs.Rays
1-Jun vs.Rays
2-Jun at Indians
3-Jun at Indians
4-Jun at Indians
5-Jun at Indians
6-Jun at Orioles
7-Jun at Orioles
8-Jun at Orioles
10-Jun at White Sox
11-Jun at White Sox
12-Jun at White Sox
13-Jun vs.Indians
14-Jun vs.Indians
15-Jun vs.Indians
16-Jun vs.Tigers
17-Jun vs.Tigers
18-Jun vs.Tigers
19-Jun vs.Tigers
21-Jun at Mets
22-Jun at Mets
24-Jun vs.Astros
25-Jun vs.Astros
26-Jun vs.Astros
27-Jun vs.Cardinals
28-Jun vs.Cardinals
29-Jun at Cardinals
30-Jun at Cardinals
1-Jul at Phillies
2-Jul at Phillies
3-Jul at Phillies
4-Jul at Blue Jays
5-Jul at Blue Jays
6-Jul at Blue Jays
7-Jul vs. Mariners
8-Jul vs. Mariners
9-Jul vs. Mariners
10-Jul vs. Mariners
15-Jul at Tigers
16-Jul at Tigers
17-Jul at Tigers
18-Jul vs.Indians
19-Jul vs.Indians
20-Jul vs.Indians
22-Jul vs.Rangers
23-Jul vs.Rangers
24-Jul vs.Rangers
25-Jul vs.Angels
26-Jul vs.Angels
27-Jul vs.Angels
28-Jul at Rangers
29-Jul at Rangers
30-Jul at Rangers
31-Jul at Rangers
1-Aug at Rays
2-Aug at Rays
3-Aug at Rays
4-Aug at Rays
5-Aug vs.Blue Jays
6-Aug vs.Blue Jays
7-Aug vs.Blue Jays
9-Aug vs.White Sox
10-Aug vs.White Sox
11-Aug vs.White Sox
12-Aug at Twins
13-Aug at Twins
14-Aug at Twins
15-Aug at Tigers
16-Aug at Tigers
17-Aug at Tigers
18-Aug vs.Twins
19-Aug vs.Twins
20-Aug vs.Twins
21-Aug vs.Twins
23-Aug at Marlins
24-Aug at Marlins
25-Aug at Marlins
26-Aug at Red Sox
27-Aug at Red Sox
28-Aug at Red Sox
29-Aug vs.Yankees
30-Aug vs.Yankees
31-Aug vs.Yankees
2-Sep vs.Tigers
3-Sep vs.Tigers
4-Sep vs.Tigers
5-Sep at Twins
6-Sep at Twins
7-Sep at Twins
9-Sep at White Sox
10-Sep at White Sox
11-Sep at White Sox
12-Sep vs.Athletics
13-Sep vs.Athletics
14-Sep vs.Athletics
15-Sep vs.Athletics
16-Sep vs.White Sox
17-Sep vs.White Sox
18-Sep vs.White Sox
20-Sep at Indians
21-Sep at Indians
22-Sep at Indians
23-Sep at Tigers
24-Sep at Tigers
25-Sep at Tigers
27-Sep vs.Twins
28-Sep vs.Twins
29-Sep vs.Twins
30-Sep vs.Indians
1-Oct vs.Indians
2-Oct vs.Indians