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Johnny Cueto a no-show at fan event on Tuesday

Cueto is not endearing himself to Royals fans

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Johnny Cueto has struggled his last four starts, giving up 22 runs in 20 innings, leading to some bristling by some fans expecting more from the All-Star pitcher. Cueto did little to endear himself to fans this week by missing a fan event at Plowboys BBQ in Blue Springs that 610 KCSP had been promoting for a week.

The event was to include a Johnny Cueto "look-alike" contest and a "large selfie" with Cueto. 610 KCSP was to air a remote from the event. The event was originally scheduled on September 2, but was pushed back to accommodate Cueto's schedule.

Johnny Cueto failed to show up.

Plowboys BBQ management did not seem pleased about Cueto's no-show, writing on Facebook:

"For one eleven year old, the excitement and pride that his family's BBQ restaurant was bringing a Major League Baseball player to his town, turned into embarrassment as he returned to school to face his friends. For the fans, we are sorry that Cueto was a bust. No one at Plowboys or 610Sports wanted to see this. The sad and ironic part of this is that Cueto's agent came to us saying that Cueto wanted to "connect more with the fans". The appearance was something that came from Cueto and his agent. No one went "after" them. For our staff, we love you all. You put in so much work, so much planning, and so many extra hours to make this happen for Plowboys and Royals fans. Your shared disappointment shows how much you care. Again, we love you."

They have since deleted the comment.

Bryce Dixon, Cueto's agent, released a statement saying,

"Johnny regrets what happened today. He was running an hour late due to treatment that he received from his personal trainer and massage therapist. By the time he was done with the session and on his way, the event was cancelled. He is sorry for missing the event and apologizes to the fans that waited for him, the restaurant, and the radio station."

Fan reaction ranged from disappointment to apathy.

All will be forgiven with a few terrific starts in October, but as of right, Johnny Cueto is not exactly the most-well liked man in Kansas City right now.