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Royals vs. Twins, Game 139 Game Thread

The Twins continue to fight for a playoff spot (!), while the Royals fight for home-field advantage throughout the playoffs (!).

Even the postgame interview guy gets a gatorade shower.
Even the postgame interview guy gets a gatorade shower.
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Yea, it's not a guarantee just yet, but barring an epic collapse the Royals will find themselves in the playoffs this year. That would make two years in a row. If they make it again next year, that could conceivably be referred to as "a streak". Let's go streaking!

Tonight's baseball match has Kris Medlen against Mike Pelfrey. The eternal battle of one-syllable first name, two-syllable last name pitchers. Looking at their names, they are remarkably similar. Each first name contains an "i" and a "k". Each last name contains two "e"s, one each in the middle of each syllable. Each last name also has an "l".

Medlen has made three starts for the Royals for a total of 17 innings. His 6.88 ERA / 4.67 FIP / 3.58 xFIP should hopefully mean that his ERA will go down. That would be great for the Royals tonight.

Pelfrey is a cromulent starter with a 4.17 ERA / 3.97 FIP / 4.43 xFIP. He will throw cromulent pitches.

Now that you're bored out of your mind, go watch some baseball!