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Sorrowful Sweep Sends Sovereigns to Seventy-Seven and Seventy-Six

Indians 5 Royals 2 in alliterative agony

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports


Kipnis klobber kommences klubbing

Tribe tally two


Escobomb evens Equinox evening


Vargas valiantly vexes (ad)versary

Several scoring shots stranded


Dillon dodges danger

Salvy + shortstop simply spectacular!

(ed note: embed code isn't up yet so I can't put the video here, but check out the link)


Santana slam scrubs scoreboard stalemate

Trio of tallies trump zoo of zeroes


Racist relief reduces Royals to rubble

Hosmer has hole in his hit hitch, Morales misses mightily, and further futility fuels failure


Tigers at twilight tomorrow