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2016 Royals Game Threads

Game CLXII Thread: Cleveland at Kansas City

One final time into the fray.

Game 161 Open Thread - Indians vs. Royals

Wrap it up.

Royals V. Twins: Game CLX Thread

162 bottles on the wall, take one down, pass it around...

Royals vs. Twins, Game 158 Game Thread

Still technically in the Wild Card hunt.

Game 157 Open Thread - Twins vs. Royals

Be Above .500

Game Thread CLVI: Royals at Tigers

The last road game of the year!

Royals at Tigers Gamethread

Just a few more games left!

Royals vs. Indians, Game 152 Game Thread

Not much of a chance to play spoiler.

Tuesday Thread: Royals at Indians

Are the Royals still alive for a playoff spot?

Game CXLIX Thread: White Sox at Royals

You can't fire Ned Yost, Ned Yost quits.

Saturday Thread: White Sox at Royals

Welcome back, Jason Vargas.

Royals V. White Sox: Game CXLVII Thread

Game Called.

Royals vs. Athletics, Game 145 Game Thread

Tonight, we baseball.

Tuesday Thread: A's at Royals

It's Duffy Day at Kauffman Stadium!

Game CXLIII Thread: Athletics vs. Royals

Saturday Thread: Royals at White Sox

A familiar face awaits the Royals in a must-win game.

Royals V. White Sox: Game CXL Thread

Raining on the Plaza Parade.

Game 139 Thread: Royals vs. Twins Finale

Can we just play the rest of the year against Minnesota?

Tuesday Thread: Royals at Twins

Can Kansas City continue its mojo against Minnesota?

Game CXXXVII Thread: Royals vs. Twins

Game CXXXVI Thread: Tigers at Royals: Eddie B Good

Pretty please?

Game 135 Open Thread: Tigers vs. Royals

This is a must win game.

Happy Danny Duffy day!

Time to start another Rally streak!

Royals vs. Yankees, Game 132 Game Thread

Going for 70 wins.

Tuesday Thread: Yankees at Royals

Can the Royals stay hot?

Game 131 Open Thread: Yankees vs. Royals

This is a pretty big series, so come out to the K.

Game CXXX Thread: Royals vs. Red Sox

Yordano Ventura faces off against Eduardo Rodriguez with the Royals having the chance to gain ground in the Wild Card hunt.

Gm 129 Thread: Royals (67-61) vs. Red Sox (71-57)

We got ourselves a pitcher's duel.

Royals V. Red Sox: Game CXXVIII Thread

Shipping up to Boston, whoa oh ohhh.

Game 127 Thread: Marlins vs. Royals Finale

NO MORE NL BASEBALL AFTER THIS (until the World Series, naturally).

Royals vs. Marlins, Game 126 Game Thread

Time to make it 10 in a row.

Tuesday Thread: Royals go for Nine Straight

Can Yordano Ventura pilot the Royals to a ninth-straight win on Tuesday night?


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