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2016 Royals Spring Training

Royals. V. Diamondbacks: Faux Game XIII Thread

Runnin' hard and runnin' fast, to meet my future and away from my past...

March 10 Spring Training Game Thread

We're in the double-digits. Real baseball is nearer than ever.

March 9th Split Squad Spring Training Game Thread

Divide and conquer.

Tuesday Spring Training Thread: Rockies vs. Royals

Edinson Volquez takes the ball for the World Champions.

Spring training battles: Right field

Jarrod Dyson's injury opens an opportunity. But for who?

March 7 Split Squad Spring Training Game Threads

The week in Royals camp - March 7, 2016

Ned Yost isn't even trying to get home field advantage for the Cactus League playoffs.

Royals vs. Angels: Spring training Game 5 Open Thread

Maybe PECOTA projections were for spring training?

Royals V. White Sox: Faux Game IV thread

People will pitch. Others will hit. Baseball!

Royals vs. Padres: Spring Training Game 3 Open Thread

Night game! Available on MLB Network!

Outfield to be staffed by inexperienced players

We could see a lot of new, interesting faces this year.

Featured Fanshot

Royals/Padres Friday night game to air on MLB Network

Game time is at 8pm CT on MLB Network with no blackout restrictions.

Royals vs. Rangers - Spring Training Game 2 Thread

No one get hurt out there, ya hear?

Jarrod Dyson out six weeks with strained oblique

We already have our first injury of the spring.

Royals vs. Rangers, Spring training Game 1 thread


Spring training stats are pretty much worthless

Let's not get excited about anyone's Cactus League performance

Royals intrasquad game open thread


Spring training battles: The starting second base job

#VoteOmar? Or #VoteChristian?

The Royals are really enjoying photo day

Smile and say "championship!"

Spring training battles: The starting rotation

Who will give the Royals 1,000 innings?

Who is new and who has left the Royals this year?

A complete list of who has left and who has joined the Royals over the winter

M*A*S*H: The Royals injury report

Everyone is in the best shape of their life.

Salvy and Lorenzo, reunited again

The bromance continues.

Featured Fanshot

Eric Hosmer's shirt has a naughty word on it

Well, it would be a bad day for that.

What you need to know about Royals spring training

Baseball is back!

Get to know your Royals non-roster invitees to spring training

Future Ryan Madsons? Or future Omaha farmhands?

Royals announce ten spring training games to be televised

Fox Sports Kansas City will show a lot of Cactus League action


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