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2016 Series Previews

Oakland Athletics series preview: Worst in the West

Chicago Pale Hoes series preview

Minnesota Twins series preview: These guys again

Brian Dozier's been smoking hot. The Twins could still lose 100 games.

Detroit Tigers series preview: Opportunity knocks

The Royals get a prime chance to make up ground in the playoff race.

New York Yankees series preview: Youth movement

These ain't your daddy's Yankees.

Red Sox series preview: Good wood, strong arms

Mookie and the Boys are formidable foes

Detroit Tigers series preview: Close the gap

If the Royals make a move in the playoff picture, it has to happen now.

Minnesota Twins series preview: Bad, Bad, Bad

The World Champs head north to face the worst team in the American League.

Royals Rumblings - News for August 11, 2016

It’s Matt Strahm’s world. We just live in it.

Pale Hoes series preview: Skirmish for third

Toronto Blue Jays series preview: Whoa, Canada

ALCS rematch with no stakes for the Champs.

St. Petersburg Devil Rays: Take out those Russkies

The Cold War heats back up as the World Champions travel to Russia.

Texas Rangers preview: These guys again?

The Royals face the Rangers again, this time in Texas.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim series preview

Texas Rangers series preview: The best in the West

The reigning American League West Champs come to the K.

Cleveland series preview: Chance to make up ground

Here's your opportunity Royals. Do something with it.

Detroit Tigers series preview: Battle for second

Trying to get right after the break.

Seattle Mariners series preview: Slew of southpaws

Sea Men come to Kauffman.

Toronto Blue Jays series preview: ALCS rematch

No Jose, no cry

Philadelphia Phillies series preview: Bad offense

Young pitching and not much else.

St. Louis Cardinals series preview: I-70 Series 2016 Edition

Two in Kansas City. Two in St. Louis. Four for all the Missouri marbles.

Houston Astros series preview: Goin' back to LDS

Remember the eighth inning of Game 4 of the 2015 ALDS? That was cool.

Mets series preview: World Series Rematch, Part 2

Is this the postseason?

Tigers series preview: Jockeying for the Central

Cleveland series preview: Battle for the Central

The Royals have a chance to regain a share of the division lead with a sweep.

Chicago White Sox series preview

Will the Royals ever win again? Two struggling teams try to pull out of their tailspins while extending their rival's swoon.

Baltimore Orioles series preview: These O's ain't Royal

The Royals try to recapture their winning ways in Baltimore facing the AL East co-leading Orioles.

Cleveland series preview: A battle for the Central

Burn on, Big River, burn on

St. Petersburg Devil Rays series preview

Russia invades Kansas City. The Rays need to win to keep the ax from falling.

Chicago White Sox series preview: These guys again?

Previewing a team that just got done playing the Royals on Sunday.

Minnesota Twins series preview: If you thought the Braves were bad...

Wait until you get a load of these guys.

Chicago White Sox series preview: First and slumping

The Central leaders have dropped six of eight, and their ace Chris Sale just pitched Thursday.