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Royals announce 2016 game times

The Royals will try some earlier weekday games during the school year.

The Royals have released game times for the 2016 season, beginning with their Opening Day contest on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball on April 3 against the team the Royals defeated in last year's World Series, the New York Mets. The Royals will have three off days in the first week before heading on the road in an ALDS re-match against the Houston Astros on April 11.

The Royals will experiment with a different start time, beginning many games at 15 minutes past the hour, rather than five minutes past the hour as they did last year. They will also try some earlier weekday night games while school is still in session, with games starting at 6:15 for their April series against the Tigers, a 6:05 start on May 16 against the Red Sox and several 6:15 starts in September against the Athletics, White Sox, and Twins.

Date Opponent Time
Sun, 4/3 Mets 7:37p
Tue, 4/5 Mets 3:15p
Fri, 4/8 Twins 7:15p
Sat, 4/9 Twins 6:15p
Sun, 4/10 Twins 1:15p
Mon, 4/11 at Astros 7:10p
Tue, 4/12 at Astros 7:10p
Wed, 4/13 at Astros 7:10p
Thu, 4/14 at Astros 7:10p
Fri, 4/15 at Athletics 9:05p
Sat, 4/16 at Athletics 3:05p
Sun, 4/17 at Athletics 3:05p
Tue, 4/19 Tigers 6:15p
Wed, 4/20 Tigers 6:15p
Thu, 4/21 Tigers 6:15p
Fri, 4/22 Orioles 7:15p
Sat, 4/23 Orioles 6:15p
Sun, 4/24 Orioles 1:15p
Mon, 4/25 at Angels 9:05p
Tue, 4/26 at Angels 9:05p
Wed, 4/27 at Angels 9:05p
Fri, 4/29 at Mariners 9:10p
Sat, 4/30 at Mariners 8:10p
Sun, 5/1 at Mariners 3:10p
Mon, 5/2 Nationals 7:15p
Tue, 5/3 Nationals 7:15p
Wed, 5/4 Nationals 1:15p
Fri, 5/6 at Indians 6:10p
Sat, 5/7 at Indians 3:10p
Sun, 5/8 at Indians 12:10p
Mon, 5/9 at Yankees 6:05p
Tue, 5/10 at Yankees 6:05p
Wed, 5/11 at Yankees 6:05p
Thu, 5/12 at Yankees 6:05p
Fri, 5/13 Braves 7:15p
Sat, 5/14 Braves 6:15p
Sun, 5/15 Braves 1:15p
Mon, 5/16 Red Sox 6:05p
Tue, 5/17 Red Sox 7:15p
Wed, 5/18 Red Sox 1:15p
Fri, 5/20 at White Sox 7:10p
Sat, 5/21 at White Sox 1:10p
Sun, 5/22 at White Sox 1:10p
Mon, 5/23 at Twins 7:10p
Tue, 5/24 at Twins 7:10p
Wed, 5/25 at Twins 12:10p
Thu, 5/26 White Sox 7:15p
Fri, 5/27 White Sox 7:15p
Sat, 5/28 White Sox 1:15p
Sun, 5/29 White Sox 1:15p
Mon, 5/30 Rays 7:15p
Tue, 5/31 Rays 7:15p
Wed, 6/1 Rays 7:15p
Thu, 6/2 at Indians 6:10p
Fri, 6/3 at Indians 6:10p
Sat, 6/4 at Indians 6:15p
Sun, 6/5 at Indians 12:10p
Mon, 6/6 at Orioles 6:05p
Tue, 6/7 at Orioles 6:05p
Wed, 6/8 at Orioles 6:05p
Fri, 6/10 at White Sox 7:10p
Sat, 6/11 at White Sox 1:10p
Sun, 6/12 at White Sox 1:10p
Mon, 6/13 Indians 7:15p
Tue, 6/14 Indians 7:15p
Wed, 6/15 Indians 7:15p
Thu, 6/16 Tigers 7:15p
Fri, 6/17 Tigers 7:15p
Sat, 6/18 Tigers 7:15p
Sun, 6/19 Tigers 1:15p
Tue, 6/21 at Mets 6:10p
Wed, 6/22 at Mets 12:10p
Fri, 6/24 Astros 7:15p
Sat, 6/25 Astros 6:15p
Sun, 6/26 Astros 1:15p
Mon, 6/27 Cardinals 7:15p
Tue, 6/28 Cardinals 7:15p
Wed, 6/29 at Cardinals 7:15p
Thu, 6/30 at Cardinals 6:15p
Fri, 7/1 at Phillies 6:05p
Sat, 7/2 at Phillies 4:50p
Sun, 7/3 at Phillies 12:35p
Mon, 7/4 at Blue Jays 6:07p
Tue, 7/5 at Blue Jays 6:07p
Wed, 7/6 at Blue Jays 6:07p
Thu, 7/7 Mariners 7:15p
Fri, 7/8 Mariners 7:15p
Sat, 7/9 Mariners 3:15p
Sun, 7/10 Mariners 1:15p
Fri, 7/15 at Tigers 6:08p
Sat, 7/16 at Tigers 6:08p
Sun, 7/17 at Tigers 12:08p
Mon, 7/18 Indians 7:15p
Tue, 7/19 Indians 7:15p
Wed, 7/20 Indians 1:15p
Fri, 7/22 Rangers 7:15p
Sat, 7/23 Rangers 6:15p
Sun, 7/24 Rangers 1:15p
Mon, 7/25 Angels 7:15p
Tue, 7/26 Angels 7:15p
Wed, 7/27 Angels 7:15p
Thu, 7/28 at Rangers 7:05p
Fri, 7/29 at Rangers 7:05p
Sat, 7/30 at Rangers 7:05p
Sun, 7/31 at Rangers 1:05p
Mon, 8/1 at Rays 6:10p
Tue, 8/2 at Rays 6:10p
Wed, 8/3 at Rays 6:10p
Thu, 8/4 at Rays 11:10a
Fri, 8/5 Blue Jays 7:15p
Sat, 8/6 Blue Jays 6:15p
Sun, 8/7 Blue Jays 1:15p
Tue, 8/9 White Sox 7:15p
Wed, 8/10 White Sox 7:15p
Thu, 8/11 White Sox 7:15p
Fri, 8/12 at Twins 7:10p
Sat, 8/13 at Twins 6:10p
Sun, 8/14 at Twins 1:10p
Mon, 8/15 at Tigers 6:08p
Tue, 8/16 at Tigers 6:08p
Wed, 8/17 at Tigers 6:08p
Thu, 8/18 Twins 7:15p
Fri, 8/19 Twins 7:15p
Sat, 8/20 Twins 6:15p
Sun, 8/21 Twins 1:15p
Tue, 8/23 at Marlins 6:10p
Wed, 8/24 at Marlins 6:10p
Thu, 8/25 at Marlins 6:10p
Fri, 8/26 at Red Sox 6:10p
Sat, 8/27 at Red Sox 6:10p
Sun, 8/28 at Red Sox 12:35p
Mon, 8/29 Yankees 7:15p
Tue, 8/30 Yankees 7:15p
Wed, 8/31 Yankees 7:15p
Fri, 9/2 Tigers 7:15p
Sat, 9/3 Tigers 6:15p
Sun, 9/4 Tigers 1:15p
Mon, 9/5 at Twins 1:10p
Tue, 9/6 at Twins 7:10p
Wed, 9/7 at Twins 7:10p
Fri, 9/9 at White Sox 7:10p
Sat, 9/10 at White Sox 6:10p
Sun, 9/11 at White Sox 1:10p
Mon, 9/12 Athletics 6:15p
Tue, 9/13 Athletics 6:15p
Wed, 9/14 Athletics 6:15p
Thu, 9/15 Athletics 6:15p
Fri, 9/16 White Sox 7:15p
Sat, 9/17 White Sox 6:15p
Sun, 9/18 White Sox 1:15p
Tue, 9/20 at Indians 6:10p
Wed, 9/21 at Indians 6:10p
Thu, 9/22 at Indians 6:10p
Fri, 9/23 at Tigers 6:08p
Sat, 9/24 at Tigers 6:08p
Sun, 9/25 at Tigers 12:08p
Tue, 9/27 Twins 6:15p
Wed, 9/28 Twins 6:15p
Thu, 9/29 Twins 6:15p
Fri, 9/30 Indians 7:15p
Sat, 10/1 Indians 6:15p
Sun, 10/2 Indians 2:15p