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Royals Review Radio: Episode 15 - The Royals Spent a Bunch of Dough

Kennedy, Gordon, Cain, Hosmer... so many names

Between the recording of the previous podcast and this one you will hopefully soon be listening to, many people have died. However such as life is, many of those people passed away without being remembered by the world at large. They will be remembered by their friends, family, and colleagues, but you may hear their name and not even know of their passing.

Such also is life that noteable people pass away too. In this instance two notable musicians (though notable in the worldview sense) have passed: David Bowie and Lemmy Kilmister. Though this podcast isn't a tribute to them, consider this sentence to be one.

However what didn't die is this podcast. I would happily trade its life for that of Bowie or Kilmister or any deceased individual but again...such is life.

Joined on this podcast is the author's normal co-host Matthew LaMar. Alongside him is Royals Review contributor Josh Ward. Preceding Josh only in the ordering of these names and not in validity of opinion is first time guest Kevin Ruprecht who writes for both Royals Review and is managing editor of Beyond the Box Score.

This episode also features common background guest Shaun's dogs Arthur and Howard. Meanwhile Kevin's dog also makes his inaugural appearance too. It remains to be determined if Kevin's dog will appear again.

Topics discussed include:

The Royals re-signing Alex Gordon

Is collude a word?



Lorenzo Cain's arbitration theories

Josh listens to the very podcast he is on

Teasing Omar Infante

Baseball America's Royals top 10 and the system

The Tigers farm system: woof

The perceived value of a leadoff hitting Alcides Escobar

The marine layer around Ian Kennedy

The good type of "jerks"

Eric Hosmer: elite defender?

Matt has better stuff to do

Introduction: Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, and the cast of Star Wars - Star Wars Medley

Outro: Motorhead - Sympathy for the Devil

Supplemental links

Gaslamp Ball

Why do we root for sports teams anyways?

Ian Kennedy was a bad sign

Dayton Moore did not screw up the Kennedy signing

Matt LaMar interviews Bob Dutton

Royals 2016 ZiPS projections

Baseball America Top 10 for the Royals

Scott McKinney's prospect failure rate piece

Baseball Prospectus: Effectively Wild featuring former Royals beat writer Andy McCullough