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Friday OT Thread: Take you back

Do this thing.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

1. Maybe it's ketchup. Maybe it's Shake Shake. Maybe it's bacon. Maybe it's Chik-Fil-A. Whatever it is, we've all got food preferences that fly in the face of popular thinking. What restaurant or food craze do you just not understand?

2.  Whether a weekend getaway, destination wedding, or family vacation, we all have trips we intend to take soon. What's next up on your docket?

3. It seems that people increasingly like to think about what their lives will be like after they find themselves among the survivors of a coming apocalypse. What personal character trait or skill do you think will best equip you for survival when the end-times hit us?

4. What piece of art, literature, film, etc., that is in the canon would you strike from it and why? What great work shouldn't be considered as such in your opinion?

5. Of this year's crop of Oscar nominations and snubs, what do you think was the most egregious miscarriage of judgment?

Boner #1: Chips or fries?

Boner #2: Bagels or donuts?