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Friday OT Thread: Do it to me one more time

Throwing one back again

Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

1. What is the closest brush with death you've had?

2. Maybe it was a chance thunderstorm breaking out during the encore or maybe it was the company you were with, but we've all had concert-going experiences that stand out because of a confluence of events combining to make the event transcend what it should have been. What is the best concert experience you've had?

3. We all have our brands to which we're loyal and those that we've sworn to never buy again. What is yours of each variety?

4. What is the dumbest thing you've ever spent more than $100 to buy?

5. There are certain songs or bands that we like despite ourselves. The song or band flies in the face of the rest of what our tastes normally direct us to liking. What stands out above the rest as the oddest musical thing you like and why do you think it works for you?

Bonus #1: Babar or Dumbo?

Bonus #2: Beef or pork?