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The sights and sounds of Royals FanFest 2016

Every Royals FanFest should have a championship trophy.

FanFest wrapped up yesterday with bigger and bigger crowds each year. Royals fans came in droves to see all their favorite Royals, thank Alex Gordon for returning, welcome new Royals like Ian Kennedy and old friend Joakim Soria, and of course, see the championship trophy we have been waiting 30 years to claim. Here are some of the sights and sounds of FanFest 2016.

The newest Royals made an appearance.

I think this is going to be Ned's answer to everything.

Is this Dayton's new title now?

Salvy's still got a car coming.

He also said he's happy with a new contract or without.

David Glass is a rock star.

Alex Gordon is FOREVER ROYAL.

He also kept the FanFest rated PG-13.

Check out this plus plus hair.

Interesting that despite officially being on the team, Jeremy Guthrie made an appearance.


The older guys still look good.

Rex and the Cyborg made an appearance.


Why not?

Need some gambling advice?

Lorenzo Cain had a perfectly good reason for being a no-show at FanFest.

Not everything went smoothly, of course.

There was a lot to take in for one weekend.

Been there, bro. See you at next year's FanFest.