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Old Man Duggan's Pop-Culture Corner: Holiday binge-watch chat

You know you've done nothing but watch TV for the past three weeks. Sit down and have a talk about it.

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There was a slew of new programming thrown up onto the various streaming sources to sate the masses trapped with extended family days past the exhaustion of pleasant conversation. Since the start of November, Amazon Prime put up Frank Spotnitz's adaptation of the Philip K. Dick novel The Man in the High Castle, the second season of the fun Roman Coppola-produced Gael Garcia Bernal vehicle Mozart in the Jungle, and the second season of the endlessly lauded series Transparent. They also quietly released the David Gordon Green/Steven Soderbergh produced Joe Gangemi tasteful ode to the '80s Red Oaks, which didn't make the noise that the other shows did but was quietly quite good.

Not to be outdone, Netflix dropped the wonderful Aziz Ansari/Alan Yang comedy Master of None, the unofficial fifth season of seminal sketch show Mr. Show with Bob & David in the form of W/ Bob & David, the second pre-Defenders Marvel Comics Universe origin series Jessica Jones, British detective series care of the creator of The Hour (Abi Morgan) starring Stellan Skarsgard River, animated series co-created by Bill Burr F is for Family, and last but definitely not least the documentary series that has completely blown up across every social media platform and was so powerful as to get Anonymous to enlist their services in the hopes of exonerating the series' subjects Making A Murderer.

Over this time, Netflix also added new (at least for subscribers without cable) seasons of Broadchurch, Maron, Red Road, Black Mirror (the 2014 Christmas Special), Nurse Jackie, and a handful of other series, ensuring that while cable nets had shuttered their windows and boarded up their doors for a cold, hard winter that you wouldn't have to bond with your Trump-supporting thrice-divorced uncle with nowhere else to go or Amway-pushing sister-in-law with that knack for bringing the conversation back to how she can help you help her.

Not be left out of the conversation entirely, Hulu's first season of the fantastic Casual wrapped up, as did the second (arguably superior to its first) installments of Fargo and You're the Worst.

Or if you're like me, you caught up on the backlog and knocked out the shockingly good Grace & Frankie.

There was so much good in the slate above that it's hard to choose what to talk about. That's what the comment section below is for. What did you just knock out? How much do you want to punch Len Kachinsky in the dick each day until he's disbarred? What show allowed you to make it through the holidays/regular programming doldrums of December?

Or talk about whatever. If talking about a series that others may not have watched, be mindful of others and use the spoiler boxes where appropriate.