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Royals Rumblings - News for October 12, 2016

Get better, Chris Young.

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Toronto Blue Jays Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Royals Rumblings - News for October 12, 2016

Sam Mellinger is skeptical that the Royals will actually cut payroll.

I am mostly speculating here, but my suspicion is that ownership is serious about containing payroll as much as possible. But I also think that, as has happened in recent years, reality will set in and they will understand they’ve done well financially with this investment and that this is likely their last season with this homegrown core.

I’d be very surprised if the payroll actually regresses, and surprised if it doesn’t increase. My over-under would be $153 million.

The payroll will go down soon, when the championship core starts to naturally break up. Revenues will also continue to increase, particularly when the team can renegotiate an absolutely wretched local TV contract. Now’s not the time to clip coupons.

Craig Brown wonders which direction the Royals will go.

That’s without considering any free agent signings or trade. Again, it seems extremely unlikely if the Royals are harboring any kind of expectations of contention in 2017 that they can trim their payroll. We know they budgeted for 2016 with a “deep postseason run” in mind, but if they believe injuries and misfortune conspired against their plans last year, they could probably bring back most of the same roster for around $10 million more, needing to replace Kendrys Morales and Edinson Volquez with players making the league minimum. Perhaps. The safer bet is that the roster listed above will will look very different by the time camp opens in mid-February. The question remains, which approach will the Royals take? Will they add a couple of pieces in an effort to make another postseason run? Or will they begin the process of selling off valuable parts in order to retool for the long term?

Chris Young had surgery this week.

Josh Staumont had an impressive debut in the Arizona Fall League.

J.J. Cooper also discussed him in his chat session.

He didn’t miss the Top 20 by much. He was one of the most fascinating arms in the league as he got better and better. Staumont has a great arm, with easy high 90s velocity but it’s always come with significant control troubles as well. He tamed those as the season progressed and by the playoffs he was dominating with plus stuff. You can’t say the control troubles are gone just because he had a great August/September, but it’s a very, very positive sign. Staumont is at least the best righthanded relief prospect in the Royals system but he’s been good enough as a starter to not rule out the chance he can stick as a starter.

Matt Strahm is named the #17 best prospect in the Texas League this year.

Clubhouse Conversation talks to former Royals first baseman Frank Ortenzio.

The Braves name Brian Snitker as manager.

Joe Blanton wins a bet against a fan, making him chow down on ballpark food.

A heartfelt goodbye to David Ortiz.

The Blue Jays play-by-play man won’t call Cleveland’s baseball team the “Indians.”

Ranking the recent crimes against closer usage.

Who are the top players that made their MLB debut who will still be eligible for prospect status for Baseball America.

Meet the man behind

Internet sensation Ken Bone was once the equipment manager for LSU baseball.

The Rangers now face a difficult winter.

Why are NFL television ratings down?

The Nevada Senate approves a $1.1 billion tax plan for an NFL stadium.

President Obama wants people to travel to Mars by 2030.

Germany may soon ban internal combustion engines.

Why Westworld looks like nothing else on television.

Your song of the day is The Moody Blues with The Story in Your Eyes.